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Creativity Times Two

Green Mountain Fine Art Gallery is pleased to present an exciting new show pairing new work by Craig Mooney and Eric Tobin, two of Vermont’s finest landscape painters.  Mooney and Tobin share a passion for the landscape motif and the ability to infuse their paintings with warm, defining, light.  Their similarities end there!

Mooney and Tobin have very different styles of painting. The stylistic elements of their work are defined by the choices they make as they compose their landscape compositions.

Tobin chooses to create his work outdoors “en plein air”, enduring all the extremes of the weather.  Tobin says, ”I try to capture the landscape as I see it, to set the feeling of the place, the way the light plays on different objects, the time of day and season.”  His paintings include accurate images of much of Vermont’s iconic imagery that is gradually beginning to disappear as our way of life changes.

Mooney does not paint outdoors or from photographs but rather in his studio where the light is steady and weather isn’t a factor.  With the synthesis of remembered and imagined landscapes, his “mind’s eye” creates landscapes with a bit of ambiguity and mystery to them. These qualities allow a viewer to impart their own sense of place into each painting.  Mooney states, “The more you leave out of the painting, the more powerful it is.”

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